Serving Maritime Lawyers since 1923

Since its founding in 1923 by practicing maritime lawyers, American Maritime Cases (“AMC”) has earned the reputation as a critical source for researching significant maritime decisions rendered by United States (Federal and State) courts. It also reports legislative action, administrative law decisions, arbitration decisions, Maritime Law Association of the U.S. source material and occasionally Canadian and other international cases and other items deemed significant. AMC's status as the basic source for researching American maritime law is due primarily to its copyrighted indexing system and meaningful, practical headnotes which are prepared by experienced admiralty attorneys.  This system is unique as it permits a user to quickly identify the key court decisions as to a pertinent topic without having to spend significant time reading through irrelevant or overly broad opinions, including opinions located via electronic general word searches.  

Used Internationally by Practicing Maritime Lawyers

Used extensively by American lawyers, it is just as useful to those abroad who have an interest in maritime law, and who otherwise would have to search the general law reports of many U.S. jurisdictions which contain only a small percentage of maritime cases and often do not contain decisions published in AMC. Given the vast number of decisions, both maritime and non-maritime, rendered in the U.S., AMC is invaluable to everyone who wants quick access, and a practitioner's insight to the most important admiralty law.

AMC on the Web 

AMC is available electronically via this web site, which includes all cases printed in AMC from 1923 until present.  This web site allows various specialized, easy to use search functions, including a headnote search function as to AMC’s copyrighted indexing system.  Other specialized search functions also permit searches by party, attorney, court, judge, date and parallel citation as well as standard general word searches. 

Monthly, Annual, and Five Year Digest Publications

Each year AMC also publishes eleven monthly paperback issues (the "Monthly Issues") and four bound compilation volumes (the "Annual Volumes"). Ten Monthly Issues contain full texts of the most recent significant admiralty cases along with a cumulative table of cases for the year, an index by jurisdictions of cases in that issue, and an index-digest of the headnotes for materials contained in the issue. Issue #11 is a recap of headnotes for the year. The Annual Volumes combine all the material from the Monthly Issues for a given year. In addition, AMC publishes a comprehensive two-volume digest every five years, containing all headnotes for those five years (the "Five Year Digests").

How to Order

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